Alison Lovett

I recently underwent a second hip replacement and started my rehabilitation 2 weeks after the op. As well as preparing pre-op, I was helped to regain the strength in my muscles which has resulted in a very significantly shortened recuperation period compared to my previous replacement.
I was given a programme of carefully tailored exercises, which only 6 weeks since the operation is totally pain free and 98% back to normal function.   

Katrina Dinardi

Having suffered from consistent lower back pain, I looked to Pilates as a form of therapy.  I was surprised to find such a gifted instructor in Caroline Murray, on my doorstep!


My private sessions and group classes have balanced me and given me movement in my spine and core strength that I never thought possible. I now have a kind of integrated strength that conventional gym work just couldn’t provide.  My old back problems seem a thing of the past.   

Janine Hunter

Caroline has taught me Pilates for 11 years, introducing me to basic Mat Work and progressing me to Advance exercises on many pieces of equipment. I have always suffered from lower back problems, making monthly visits to my Osteopath. I no longer have to see him as regular Pilates has strengthened my Core and Back and keeps me flexible.
Pilates very quickly changed my body to Long, Lean and Strong. It keeps me mentally focussed and I always leave my session feeling thoroughly energised.  Caroline is an inspiring teacher and has helped me enormously.

Emma Lally

Caroline puts a great deal of enthusiasm, energy and expertise into the health of her clients and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I suffer from severe back pain caused by scoliosis and have had two spinal surgeries. I was lucky to find Caroline 11 years ago and have been seeing her once a week since then.

Jayne Laurie

After joining Oxfordshire Pilates over 3 years ago, and working with Caroline regularly I would highly recommend her classes. 
I started as a level 1 (beginner) student with back issues so with the intention of strengthening my core muscles.  I have progressed to 3 classes per week and to level 2/3 (advanced).   My back condition has  improved greatly along with my general posture and core strength.