Katrina Dinardi

Having suffered from consistent lower back pain, I looked to Pilates as a form of therapy.  I was surprised to find such a gifted instructor in Caroline Murray, on my doorstep!


My private sessions and group classes have balanced me and given me movement in my spine and core strength that I never thought possible. I now have a kind of integrated strength that conventional gym work just couldn’t provide.  My old back problems seem a thing of the past.   

Caroline is a great, personable teacher who insists on precision, but always with a good sense of fun.  She is an excellent Instructor with a calm, friendly, professional manner. Her ongoing support and encouragement, combined with focus and attention to detail allows all her clients to make real progress. 


I highly recommend the Barrre classes where the emphasis is on small specific movements have improved the condition and definition of my muscles so effectively . The areas around my glut and thighs are really getting a great workout.