Emma Lally

Caroline puts a great deal of enthusiasm, energy and expertise into the health of her clients and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I suffer from severe back pain caused by scoliosis and have had two spinal surgeries. I was lucky to find Caroline 11 years ago and have been seeing her once a week since then.
She has taken the time to assess my condition and liaise with my consultant and has worked tirelessly with me to improve my mobility and core strength. Without her expertise and support I would not be as able or as strong as I am. She has done more than anyone else to help me to manage and improve what is a severe disability. She genuinely cares about the health and wellbeing of her clients .
More recently Caroline has tailored my exercises to help me through a difficult pregnancy and early parenthood. I had a large baby which resulted in diastasis recti, leaving my stomach muscles very weak, but again with her understanding and knowledge I have seen significant improvement. Caroline accompanied me to meet my physiotherapist at the John Radcliffe Women’s centre and they worked together to develop the most effective recovery programme.
I recommend Caroline to anyone who is interested in Pilates.